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While Julianne Moore is delicious as the Big Bad, it almost feels like a retread of the first one. And that had the element of surprise on its side. Read more... )

But DAMN, Pedro Pascal is fucking hot.
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While I appreciate the rakish sexiness of Han Solo, I think that nothing can compare to peak Harrison Ford as Indiana Jones.
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They've been showing the Harry Potter movies on repeat for the past week. I've seen Sorceror's Stone to Order of the Phoenix. You know what I've noticed? Dumbledore was more benign when he was played by Richard Harris. Maybe, Prisoner of Azkaban was a darker book than the first two but the moment Michael Gambon appeared, Professor Dumbledore seemed like the manipulative asshole that I (and some segment of readers) think he is.

I mean, Richard Harris probably played the Professor as someone you wouldn't expect to put Harry in trouble with the endgame of killing him in the end. There was that air of plausible deniability in his portrayal; Michael Gambon was shockingly dark and his beard, full of secrets.
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It's an entertaining movie, and Ansel Elgort was a serviceable lead. I wonder what would have happened if Edgar Wright got a more charismatic actor for Baby.
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I really really like it. It's the best Spiderman movie since Spiderman 2, and probably part of the reason why is that it features the best villain we've seen in the MCU (I just realized that Michael Keaton was the lead in Birdman *wink wink*). The main reasons why is that Tom Holland is the best Spiderman/Peter Parker like ever, and the story/movie lets him be the kid that he really is. It also reminds me of Ant-Man because it's really a small movie, masquerading as a blockbuster -- the story and conflict is localized, the concerns (especially Peter's) are not about the fate of the world/universe but are serious all the same.

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I'm currently watching and I'm always pleasantly surprised to be reminded that Henry Cavill was in this. He was such a baby in this, but even then, his wide, beaming smile is recognizable.
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I don't know if I read it somewhere or it's just that I really really want it, but if Wonder Woman 2 is not going to be set in the present, I want it to be Diana's adventures with Steve's band of three plus Etta. Also, I don't need to see Etta on Paradies Island (although that would be amazing), I just want her in the fray with Diana at one point and then showing off one of those Amazon spin attacks: "Your mother taught me a little something."
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I'm currently watching Doom on HBO. I just realized that The Kid is now Leonard on Grantchester.
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It's the best DC movie since The Dark Knight.

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I was looking at pictures of the Disney Princesses. I just realized that all of them are the lead characters in their own movie...except Jasmine.
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Fucking Marvel. It zags when you expect it to zig, and it gets you at the most unexpected ways. Read more... )
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aka Iron Man 4: Avengers Disassembled, Featuring The Avengers with Special Guest Star, Captain America.

Watching the Thor Ragnarok trailer recently just underscores the point that this movie was hijacked by both Kevin Feige and RDJ. It's less about Captain America and Bucky, and more about Tony Stark and his many, many issues. Which is sad because I love Steve and Bucky's relationship but it was sacrificed because 1) RDJ demanded more screentime, 2) they needed to introduce both Black Panther and Spider-man, and 3) Kevin Feige wanted to stick it to DC by making a better Vs blockbuster. Spider-Man and Ant-Man remain highlights of this one.

Natasha asks at one point: "Are you incapable of letting go of your ego for one goddamn second?" This is perhaps the overall theme of this movie.
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aka Iron Man 3.5: My Ego is More of an Asshole Than I Am.

The best thing about this is that party where Steve almost lifts Mjolnir. Good times.
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I think this still holds up. It works because Marvel invested time and money for the Iron Man, Captain America & Thor movies that came before this, introducing us to most of characters that will inhabit the Phase 2. I still can't, with that death.

"You people are so petty. And tiny!" is still one of my favorite quotes.
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This movie is an oddity because most of the characters would have been dead by the time Steve Rogers woke up from his ice coma. I think that's why many don't feel a connection to this movie as much. I still love it not just because of Chris Evans' starmaking turn as Captain America but for the Howling Commandos. For the little screentime they had, the director made each of the Howling Commandos pop up in their own way. Also, I love how it showed some of the pre-work Sebastian Stan did as Zola-experimented Bucky that would segue into The Winter Soldier.

We are all Peggy Carter:


Apr. 16th, 2017 12:33 pm
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They're having a MCU Marathon (on Star Movies) that will lead up to the premiere of CA Civil War Tonight. No Iron Man movies, which is fine -- he/RDJ is already overexposed as it is. I forgot how heartbreaking that scene where Thor tries to lift Mjolnir and discovers that he can't.
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aka Iron Man 5: Meet My Protege, Spider-Man. You might know him from his surprise bit from Iron Man 4: Avengers Disassembled, With Special Guest Star Captain America.


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