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In honor of Ben Platt winning Best Lead Actor in a Musical, here is Waving Through a Window:

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I didn't know the story of Dear Evan Hansen before I heard this (Thank you, Stephen Colbert!) so listening to this song I thought Evan had a crush on whoever the friend he's talking about. I totally relate but Google tells me I'm wrong and it's about Evan lying about being friends with another character (Whatever, it still sounds like an unrequited love song to me, like On My Own). I desperately want to watch Ben Platt in Dear Evan Hansen.

What, I'm not crying; you're crying.
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I was obsessed with this song even before I started watching The Get Down (which is also great). Discofabulous.
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The first I watched/listened to this, I was all ambivalent about it until she got to the chorus. Then a million FEELS. I haven't had an intense breakup in years but this song surprised me because it just excavated all these memories and feelings from that time.

Such a goddess, Adele.
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They've been showing Into The Woods for the past month on cable. I still think that the best thing about the musical (live theater & movie) is the Princes' song, Agony (and Billy Magnussen in tight leather pants).

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I was channel-surfing and I came upon The Lizzie McGuire Movie and there's this fashion montage...now, I know where Lady Gaga got some of her inspiration from.


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