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I watched the movie over the weekend, I think it's an interesting piece of work; it works like a a fabulous fever dream, totally in line with what's happening to the lead character. I have a fondness for this mainly because I think that this was the reason for my sexual awakening...that term makes me laugh, but I think it's very apt. I had an inkling I was gay way before this but it was like this boy is cute, that one is adorable, etc. When I watched this movie, I totally latched onto one male dancer, Autumn, which would climax (pun intended) in Take Off With Us.
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It's the best sequel since The Winter Soldier. Groot slays every time he's on screen and surprisingly, it's more emotional than the first movie. I want to watch it again.
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Just finished it and it was a blast to read. Constance Wu is perfect for Rachel and Gemma Chan too for Astrid.
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A review called it Pixar's most gorgeous disappointment, and after watching it, I think I agree with that assessment.

It's so beautiful that you sometimes forget it's in service of a story that is lacking in originality as well as resonance. Pixar falls prey to their excellence over the years -- you expect them to slay every time they put out a product, and this was just okay. But at least, it's not the worse they've done -- Cars and Cars 2 are still the bottom of Pixar's barrel.

And to be honest, the lead Arlo irritated the fuck out of me. I'd rather watch an AU where Spot was the focus.
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I liked it but I'm not sure I buy Kate and Liam being in the same neighborhood, age-wise. But they do have sparkage. Judy Davis stole every scene she was in. I've always thought that Chris was the more attractive Hemsworth but this movie makes me rethink that.
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This was probably the most entertaining and the funniest movie in the series. Probably because there was more Simon Pegg and one very kickass lady. Knowing how I dislike Tom Cruise, it's surprising that I like it a lot and that I recommend that you should watch it.
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I don't know what I was expecting before I watched it but I think I expected something more. Eddie Redmayne and Douglas Booth got the memo and they went all Rupaul's Drag Race mixed with the Borgias on us but everyone else seemed flat.

But now, I want a Jupiter Ascending/The Eagle AU with Jamie Bells playing the lead role. Seriously, I want it now.


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