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This movie is an oddity because most of the characters would have been dead by the time Steve Rogers woke up from his ice coma. I think that's why many don't feel a connection to this movie as much. I still love it not just because of Chris Evans' starmaking turn as Captain America but for the Howling Commandos. For the little screentime they had, the director made each of the Howling Commandos pop up in their own way. Also, I love how it showed some of the pre-work Sebastian Stan did as Zola-experimented Bucky that would segue into The Winter Soldier.

We are all Peggy Carter:


Apr. 16th, 2017 12:33 pm
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They're having a MCU Marathon (on Star Movies) that will lead up to the premiere of CA Civil War Tonight. No Iron Man movies, which is fine -- he/RDJ is already overexposed as it is. I forgot how heartbreaking that scene where Thor tries to lift Mjolnir and discovers that he can't.
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Just finished it and it was a blast to read. Constance Wu is perfect for Rachel and Gemma Chan too for Astrid.
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It's cute and fun and an easy read. It reminds me so much of the drama that is high school so much. I like most of the characters, especially Simon. Also, Read more... )
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I just saw the finale again. Nicole (and Alex) for all the awards!!! When she's at the top of her game, no one can touch Nicole Kidman, not even her co-star Reese Witherspoon. Also, Laura Dern deserves awards for rising above the thankless role of Renata and making her pop.

Read more... )

If you haven't watched this, run to HBO and watch it.
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aka Iron Man 5: Meet My Protege, Spider-Man. You might know him from his surprise bit from Iron Man 4: Avengers Disassembled, With Special Guest Star Captain America.

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The best thing about it was Luke Evans as Gaston.
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Watching a shirtless Jay R Ferguson smoking his meat, is making me feel things. What a daddy.
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Awesome. The world-building is fantastic and builds on the first movie. As always, the production design and fight choreography is stellar, and I have to say, they added a sense of fun -- morbid but fun -- to the proceedings.

Then I did a rewatch of the the first movie. Fuck, I forgot that Read more... )
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Just caught the last part (basically, the Battle at Hogwarts) of the movie. And I don't remember or probably forgot this one little shot of Neville tired and slumped on the stairs as Luna sits beside him. I wish they ended up together.

I think I've convinced myself that I kind of ship Ron/Hermione but Harry and Ginny...still a no.
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I happened upon this on cable. It's still loads of fun and I can't believe how many stars they packed into this -- I totally love Chris Evans' Jensen Ackles-like take on one of Ramona's boyfriends. Also, I can't believe she and Knives really fought over Scott. Really?

Speaking of Knives, I love her. And I'm glad she didn't end up with Scott because she's much too cool for Scott by the end of the movie.
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I said this before, I feel like I'm letting everyone down when I don't really like Sense8.

Except for the clusterfucks. That one I can appreciate, especially with Brian J Smith, Miguel Angel Silvestre & Max Riemelt (who I'm fond of because of Free Fall).


Dec. 25th, 2016 11:28 am
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I don't know who I find more annoying -- Ninja, Yolandi or Chappie himself. Honorable mention goes to Hugh Jackman's hair.
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I discovered People of Earth while I couldn't sleep one night. I'm so glad because this is a surprisingly delightful comedy about a group of weirdos who were abducted by aliens.

Rogue One

Dec. 18th, 2016 02:46 pm
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Now that I've had time to think about it and for things to settle down, I can now say that I like Rogue One better than The Force Awakens.
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For a movie that featured Eddie Redmayne as the lead, the supports were the best thing about this: Dan Fogler was so charming, Alison Sudol was magical as Queenie, and Colin Farrell was amazing.

Furious 7

Dec. 3rd, 2016 02:10 pm
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I haven't watched this. I tried once but I started crying at the opening credits. So I don't watch this. But I caught the ending recently -- and yes, I cried -- I think that it was sweet that basically, the ending (and most likely, the movie) was retooled to be an ode to Paul Walker.

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The worldbuilding was great that it's really disappointing that the climax is such a disappointment. As usual, Eva Green is fabulous as Miss Peregrine.


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