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It's the best DC movie since The Dark Knight.

I can see why Patty Jenkins talked about Christopher Reeves' Superman 1(and I think also Iron Man) when she talked about origin stories. I love discovering the mythology of the Amazons and then putting someone so removed from the taint of our world and seeing her react to what we experience as normal. It's not a homerun, maybe a double that could be stretched into a triple -- the last third is weak, and it's noticeable since everything that comes before it was great. And for a movie with three antagonists - one of which is a god - it lacks tension and danger int the climactic final battle.

I do love the lasso though. It's visually arresting when she uses it and in a way reminds me of Captain America's shield, the way it becomes an extension of Diana when she fights. To be honest, when it was announced that Gal was going to be WW, I had my doubts but she proved me wrong. She could still use some acting lessons but she's a convincing badass. Chris Pine was fine; at one point, he was nude and I'm surprised at his body because he was skinny ripped (which was a surprise to me since he spent the whole 2016 looking like that bearded bearish college professor that you kinda have a crush on).

At one point, I totally mixed up my Wonder Womans and thought that the war they were fighting was WWII (which was the first season of the TV show), so I had this AU where Steve Trevor and his spy gang gave intel to the Howling Commandos and this is When Wonder Woman Met Captain America lol

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That's good to hear.

I keep meaning to ask you--how is it that you get to see all these movies a few days before the rest of us?


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