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I've been watching this show on HGTV, partly in fascination but mostly in horror. This is the result of all those renovation shows that imply that it's so easy to reno a house and flip it for profit. Because these newbie flippers are just so cocky and ready for anything on Day 1 and just seems so beaten down on Day whatever, weeks beyond their initial deadline.

Seriously, I think of the 6 episodes I've watched, I think more than half have ended with them not being able to sell the house, and I think I've seen one to two marriages in need of couples counseling.
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I watched the movie over the weekend, I think it's an interesting piece of work; it works like a a fabulous fever dream, totally in line with what's happening to the lead character. I have a fondness for this mainly because I think that this was the reason for my sexual awakening...that term makes me laugh, but I think it's very apt. I had an inkling I was gay way before this but it was like this boy is cute, that one is adorable, etc. When I watched this movie, I totally latched onto one male dancer, Autumn, which would climax (pun intended) in Take Off With Us.
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Fucking Marvel. It zags when you expect it to zig, and it gets you at the most unexpected ways. Read more... )
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It's the best sequel since The Winter Soldier. Groot slays every time he's on screen and surprisingly, it's more emotional than the first movie. I want to watch it again.
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aka Iron Man 4: Avengers Disassembled, Featuring The Avengers with Special Guest Star, Captain America.

Watching the Thor Ragnarok trailer recently just underscores the point that this movie was hijacked by both Kevin Feige and RDJ. It's less about Captain America and Bucky, and more about Tony Stark and his many, many issues. Which is sad because I love Steve and Bucky's relationship but it was sacrificed because 1) RDJ demanded more screentime, 2) they needed to introduce both Black Panther and Spider-man, and 3) Kevin Feige wanted to stick it to DC by making a better Vs blockbuster. Spider-Man and Ant-Man remain highlights of this one.

Natasha asks at one point: "Are you incapable of letting go of your ego for one goddamn second?" This is perhaps the overall theme of this movie.
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aka Iron Man 3.5: My Ego is More of an Asshole Than I Am.

The best thing about this is that party where Steve almost lifts Mjolnir. Good times.
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I think this still holds up. It works because Marvel invested time and money for the Iron Man, Captain America & Thor movies that came before this, introducing us to most of characters that will inhabit the Phase 2. I still can't, with that death.

"You people are so petty. And tiny!" is still one of my favorite quotes.
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This movie is an oddity because most of the characters would have been dead by the time Steve Rogers woke up from his ice coma. I think that's why many don't feel a connection to this movie as much. I still love it not just because of Chris Evans' starmaking turn as Captain America but for the Howling Commandos. For the little screentime they had, the director made each of the Howling Commandos pop up in their own way. Also, I love how it showed some of the pre-work Sebastian Stan did as Zola-experimented Bucky that would segue into The Winter Soldier.

We are all Peggy Carter:


Apr. 16th, 2017 12:33 pm
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They're having a MCU Marathon (on Star Movies) that will lead up to the premiere of CA Civil War Tonight. No Iron Man movies, which is fine -- he/RDJ is already overexposed as it is. I forgot how heartbreaking that scene where Thor tries to lift Mjolnir and discovers that he can't.
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Just finished it and it was a blast to read. Constance Wu is perfect for Rachel and Gemma Chan too for Astrid.
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It's cute and fun and an easy read. It reminds me so much of the drama that is high school so much. I like most of the characters, especially Simon. Also, Read more... )
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I just saw the finale again. Nicole (and Alex) for all the awards!!! When she's at the top of her game, no one can touch Nicole Kidman, not even her co-star Reese Witherspoon. Also, Laura Dern deserves awards for rising above the thankless role of Renata and making her pop.

Read more... )

If you haven't watched this, run to HBO and watch it.
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aka Iron Man 5: Meet My Protege, Spider-Man. You might know him from his surprise bit from Iron Man 4: Avengers Disassembled, With Special Guest Star Captain America.

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The best thing about it was Luke Evans as Gaston.


Mar. 15th, 2017 07:16 am
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I agree, musesfool. It works on almost every situation.
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Watching a shirtless Jay R Ferguson smoking his meat, is making me feel things. What a daddy.

Hoo La La

Mar. 8th, 2017 03:21 pm
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This made me smile. Plus, those hips are mesmerizing.

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Awesome. The world-building is fantastic and builds on the first movie. As always, the production design and fight choreography is stellar, and I have to say, they added a sense of fun -- morbid but fun -- to the proceedings.

Then I did a rewatch of the the first movie. Fuck, I forgot that Read more... )


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