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The Guardians of the Galaxy called and they want their story back.

Leto's Joker is so fucking extra.

p.s. Margot Robbie was the MVP of this movie.
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Fuck you, Lady Mary!

mrswhite flames on my face

p.s. Is it really a series finale, when there's still the Christmas Special?

The Martian

Oct. 1st, 2015 03:01 pm
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The movie is great.
Mark Watney is awesome.
Matt Damon, not so much.

After Earth

Jun. 1st, 2015 05:02 am
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I saw this on HBO...WTF?! Jayden Smith has no talent and no on-screen presence, and Will is surprisingly charisma-free in this. And then, I remember this is Shyamalan, who destroyed The Last Airbender.
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I just came back from watching Tomorrowland. It was okay -- it's all what you want from a Disney movie with all the tenets of every Disney Inc property in attendance: There's Always Hope. Don't Give Up. Someday, It'll Get Better. Sorry, my inner cynic is showing. I really did enjoy it -- it's just that Disney has the balls to make digs at dystopic lit/movies and grim-dark anti-heroes with tragic backstories/father figures, when one of their biggest moneymakers is a tin man with daddy issues.

Speaking of disingenuous, I was reading something about Jurassic World, where Joss Whedon tweeted about the 70s era sexism in a clip he watched. Hilarious. For one thing, it's a clip, it's not in context. Another, who died and made him arbiter of all things gender-related? Maybe, he should watch his own recent blockbuster movie. I'm a fan but sometimes, he can be such a douchenozzle.

Bad Blood

May. 19th, 2015 02:32 am
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Professional victim, FTW. And so much hypocritical BS. In all honesty, somewhere in a reinforced bunker somewhere, there's a picture of Taylor Swift decomposing in all its/her toxic glory.
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Oh STFU Taylor Swift.

You're the one who makes everything all about your exes and "poor little old me." It's not sexism, it's your egotism that's more likely the issue at play.
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It's on cable. Still a bad movie, and Benedict Cumberbatch -- ugh even your acting is douchey.
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I was entertained. And all these homo/slashy comedy between him and Channing was fun, but it was just as funny (or even funnier) in Hot Fuzz. Maybe, my enjoyment was dampened by all the homophobic BS surrounding Jonah Hill. Full disclosure: I don't like Jonah Hill. I find his humor uncomfortably offensive and there's an undercurrent of creepy that I can't shake. Anyway, here's the thing that I can't let go of from his apology tour: Faggot is the worst thing he could think of to shout at a pap. Seriously? He thinks the worst thing to call a man is that you fuck other men.

Think about that.
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Whoever wrote this needs a raise.

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After this f*^&#%! wedding, Kim Kardashian is not allowed to mention wedding, fairy tale and love ever again. Or wear a wedding gown.

She will be escorted off the planet, otherwise.


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