The Fosters

Feb. 5th, 2015 09:50 am
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While I think The Fosters is an okay show, I only watch it for Read more... )
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Check, Please!


p.s. If you have any Check, Please fic recs, I will be forever grateful. Thanks :D
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And water is wet.

OMG, I'm trying to be less of a bitchy person but seriously, this guy has been denying the gay rumors since he became famous when he won in the Olympics. And if I'm not mistaken, he's been more than a little tetchy about it ever since. This reminds me of the Sean Hayes situation where he's been a bitch about the rumors...and fast-forward years later, he comes out. And while I applaud Tom Daley for his lovely coming out vid, I have to laugh at the now amusing "I fancy girls" recanting after what, a year?

Anyway, good for him. Hopefully, being out will be better since it seemed that staying in the closet wasn't such a picnic for him.
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I was entertained. And all these homo/slashy comedy between him and Channing was fun, but it was just as funny (or even funnier) in Hot Fuzz. Maybe, my enjoyment was dampened by all the homophobic BS surrounding Jonah Hill. Full disclosure: I don't like Jonah Hill. I find his humor uncomfortably offensive and there's an undercurrent of creepy that I can't shake. Anyway, here's the thing that I can't let go of from his apology tour: Faggot is the worst thing he could think of to shout at a pap. Seriously? He thinks the worst thing to call a man is that you fuck other men.

Think about that.
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I caught part of The 100. The experiment with sending the kids down to earth is to see if they can survive whatever Earth has become over time. They're desperate because the ship they're on is breaking down and there's too much people on board, right?

I wonder if the idea of same-sex pairings being encouraged has come up (to stop population explosion).


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